by Stuart Mackenzie

What should you wear to get the job?

It’s no secret that preparing for a job interview is challenging. To be a well-suited candidate you need to provide model answers, flaunt an ensemble of experience, and do this as seamlessly as possible.

However, your attire also has a significant effect on your future employment. According to S1 Jobs, 65% of hiring managers claim that clothes can be the deciding factor between two similar candidates, and 55% say first impressions are determined by the way you dress, act and walk through the door.

So no pressure, right? Fret no longer. With help from professional interviewers and employers, we’ve fashioned a list of suggestions of what you should wear to get the job you deserve.

Dress appropriately and avoid anonymity

Emma Jardine, Managing Partner at creative agency Whitespace suggests to consider what outfit is appropriate. “A man in a suit and tie is as inappropriate as a woman with ridiculously high heels”. That means something as casual as a t-shirt and jeans is perfect for a fast-paced position in development or creative industries. For this role, the best interview outfit is the one that shows you are comfortable with yourself. However, it helps your chances to make yourself memorable, so suitable imagery on your top or jewellery will work for you.

Think fashion as well as formal

Jasmine Lowson, Assistant Manager at Reiss, says, for fashion-orientated jobs, it is important to avoid overdressing for an interview. Style will go further than formality, as Jasmine says go “smart, but stylish, not a shirt and tie and suit”. Guys, try wearing a jacket and smart trousers or chinos, and wear your shirt open-collar, and a casual and colourful suit is great for girls. This will suggest a calm but caring view on your presentation.

Suits suit the business

Robbie Wardlaw, Bid- Coordinator at Fujitsu, claims you should consider nothing but a business suit when it comes to interviewing for a corporate job. Make sure your suit is well tailored, because an ill-fitted suit does not portray your best self. Robbie also provides a top tie tip that “thin ones are a definite no in business” because they are too casual, so opt for a wider one. Think less Tom Hardy, more Harvey Specter.