Kenza Marland

Editor and Publisher

Born and raised in North London, Kenza moved to Edinburgh six years ago to start her undergraduate degree in English Literature. She has since fallen in love with both the city, and with language itself, and is now pursuing a career in journalism.

Kenza is a massive Arsenal fan, loves hip hop, gigs, felt tip pens and wearing pyjamas. She is a current affairs addict, but art is her real passion. One day she hopes to have her own magazine, where she can collect all the amazing creativity of the world together in one place.



Nadine Schwizer

Deputy Editor and Online Editor 

Nadine, whose last name literally translates as “Swiss”, was born and raised in Switzerland – it doesn’t get any more Swiss than that.

She decided to move to Edinburgh to do a master’s degree in journalism after finishing her undergrad studies in English and History at the University of Zurich. Her goal is to make a living in the music industry. She already has valuable experience in music journalism from writing for the Swiss online magazine and as an artist manager.

Being a singer herself, Nadine loves music more than anything – especially the blues. In her spare time, she hosts a weekly music show on Radio ENRG with fellow SURGE staff member Andy. She also sings in several bands and jamming projects. Other than that, she likes to hang out in pubs, at open mic nights and at home listening to music and reading Bukowski and Co.

Pau Llosa Cufi

Section Editor 

Pau is the Scottish and UK Correspondent for the Catalan newspapers La Directa and El Món. He is a policial scientist graduate who studied International Politics in Italy and is now doing an MA in journalism in Edinburgh. His work has appeared in the Catalan newspapers Punt-Avui, Diari de Girona, and Núvol-VilaWeb.


Stephanie Abbot

Section Editor 

Steph enjoys writing observational pieces on growing trends within our society whether that’s in relationships, how we communicate or the general trials and tribulations of the twenty something. She is prone to the occasional outburst of song and impression much to the delight/irritation of the rest of the team. Steph can be easily swayed with a glass of pinot, a cheeseboard or a juicy piece of gossip.

When not dedicating her entire life to the empire that is SURGE Magazine, Steph can usually be found blogging, binging on romantic/horror movies or watching videos of cats.

A bit of an adventurer at heart, Steph’s top item on her bucket list is to visit all 7 continents, having managed to tick off four so far with trips that have included the USA, China, Thailand, South Africa, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Always keen for a natter, if you ever spot Steph around, don’t be afraid to say hello!

Noemi Distefano

Section Editor

Noemi was born in Sicily, Italy, and Scotland is her fifth home. She carried out her undergraduate studies in Literature, Philology and Linguistics in the sunny and colourful Italian town of Pisa in Tuscany.

Her passion for journalism started in high school, where she was the deputy editor of the school newspaper. At the University of Pisa, she started writing for literary journals published in some of the most important libraries in Italy. The publication of journals was fundamental for her to get a place at one of the regional daily newspapers in Sicily, where Noemi still works as a freelancer.

In order to combine her passion for travel with her passion for journalism and literature, Noemi moved to Paris in 2014, where she worked for the publication of literary research projects in a Parisian cabinet.In the city of lights, she also worked for a French blog covering international affairs and trade deals between Italy and France.

After Paris, Dublin was Noemi’s next journey to improve and practice her written English. From Ireland to the Middle East, the last stop before Edinburgh was Istanbul. Working alongside with expert journalists, Noemi trained herself in news coverage of war zones and Middle Eastern politics.

Today, she is proud to have the possibility to produce SURGE Magazine for you.

Robin Gillie

Section Editor and Member of the Design Team

Robin is a coffee-fuelled aspiring dog owner who enjoys all of John Cusack’s filmography and re-watching old Great British Bake Off episodes.

While she may never be able to create the show stopping goodness that is ganache, she does have a deep interest in fashion, makeup and feminism. In her spare time she enjoys blogging, photography and presenting a radio show with fellow SURGE staff members Lauren Rooney and Vanessa Taaffe.

Her career goals include being able to pay rent, becoming Dolly Parton’s personal assistant and having an article printed in Vogue magazine.


Rory Nicolson

Section Editor and Member of the Design Team

After working as a social media manager for a few years,  a passion for podcasts and documentaries led Rory to pursue a career in journalism at Edinburgh Napier.

Born in Lanark, Rory grew up on an small organic farm in the Scottish Borders and has an interest in films, local history and good noodles. He is also working on a blog about making video games accessible to audiences who are intimidated by them.

Favourite Quote: “If writers wrote as carelessly as some people talk, then adhasdh asdglaseuyt[bn[ pasdlgkhasdfasdf.” – Lemony Snicket

Alena Yakushova

Production Editor and Chief Sub

Born and raised in Russia, Alena has been living in the UK for the last 6 years. Prior to moving to Scotland in 2012 to do an Economics degree at the University of Glasgow, she spent two years in Oxford doing her A-levels and getting to grips with living alone in a foreign country. Scotland has become a place Alena is happy to call home and her move to Edinburgh to do a journalism degree only went to reinforce that feeling.

Alena likes to identify as an outsider, giving her a great platform to observe and comment on what is going on. In her spare time Alena writes reviews for Channel7A, co-hosts a discussion show on Radio ENRG and dreams of owning an apartment with a soundproof recording room and a balcony to have her morning coffee on.

Andy Grozier

Deputy Chief Sub

After a while spent bumming around the venues, bars and bookstores of Toronto, Canada, Andy returned to Scotland to write emotional response pieces on music, create an ever growing collection of poorly written, chicken-scratch scribbled short stories and talk to local cats.

Most of his writing is informed/inspired by four years spent at the University of Glasgow studying Socio-Cultural Geography, with a particular focus on outsiders; the ‘mad, bad & sad’ and with overarching interests in considerations on identity.

He is a lover of records, books, comic books and most of all cats. He really loves cats. Like seriously.

Eoghan Scott


Eoghan’s currently studying an MA in journalism at Edinburgh Napier – just like everybody else featured in these biographies.

He was UCC Journalism Society’s “Flirt of the Year” 2014/2015.

He also enjoys cats, cooking, and sad, British indie music.

The Irish Times

“Great body”
– Maria, 25

– Maureen Scott (mother)
*Bio copied and pasted from Eoghan’s Tinder profile (yes, ladies, he’s on Tinder).

Iben Andersen Revsbech

Design Editor

Iben was born in Denmark on a sunny Sunday back in May, 1990.

She likes sleeping till late, being politically incorrect, laughing loudly at bad jokes and watching funny videos of stupid animals on YouTube.

She is not a natural-born journalist but is working hard to pretend she is one.


Vanessa Taaffe

Member of the Design Team

Born and bred in County Donegal, Ireland, Vanessa moved to Edinburgh to continue her pursuit of a career in journalism. Vanessa is particularly interested in broadcast journalism.

She hosts a weekly radio show and is enhancing her video and television skills throughout her time in Scotland. She has studied English Literature at Queen’s University and has worked and lived in Belfast and New York, gaining invaluable life and career experience in both cities.

Through her work at SURGE Magazine, Vanessa hopes to share with readers her interests in health, fashion and lifestyle.


Cormac Rae

Online Editor and Member of the Design Team

Cormac graduated from Glasgow University with a Politics degree and went onto work with charities, arts organisations and businesses in a variety of roles.

He has an interest in writing about the arts, sport, politics and film. In fact just about anything if there’s something to write about.

Chloe Henderson

Online Editor and Sub-Editor

Chloe is a postgraduate journalism student studying at Edinburgh Napier University. She moved to Edinburgh to study undergraduate History at Edinburgh University after living in the Middle East since early childhood.

She has written for a number of publications in the past including The Student, What’s On Magazine, Digit, and The National – the national newspaper for the United Arab Emirates.

She is primarily interested in writing about consumer and business technology, with a particular love for the video game industry.

Her dream job is to be a superhero, but failing that the editor of an online gaming and tech magazine.

Lauren Rooney

Picture Editor and Member of the Design Team

Lauren has been a photographer for a number of years now, winning various photography awards including best runner up of Renaissance Photography Prize.

After seeing her work in publications, she was keen to learn about the skills in writing and journalism so took the leap to do a master’s in journalism.

A worldly traveller, Lauren would like to go into foreign correspondency. Lauren will be utilising her photographic eye, as well as putting her hand to her camera throughout SURGE.

Stuart Mackenzie

Social Media Editor

Stuart is a huge music enthusiast and aims to turn his passion into a life-long career by becoming a music journalist. He enjoys an array of popular music genres including, pop, R&B, hip-hop and, most notably, pop-punk as he considers Blink-182 his gateway band into his love for music.

Stuart’s other interests include film, citing films such as (500) Days of Summer and anything and everything Marvel, and is a keen fashion enthusiast which he portrays through his clothing blog.

Andrew Hamilton

Distribution Manager

Andrew was born and raised in Edinburgh – he wouldn’t have it any other way.

He has pursued a career in journalism since his early teens, initially writing naff op-eds for his high-school English teachers. This firm foundation was to flourish into a fantastic C in his first attempt at Higher English – more than understandable for a seasoned Scotsman.

Stubbornly, he continued to write in his spare time while studying History at the University of Edinburgh. After graduating in 2016, Andrew now studies a master’s in journalism.

He has previously written for the Edinburgh Evening News and The Scotsman. He is currently interning at a technology firm in Leith.

Matt Farnham

Advertising Sales and Events Staff

Matt has a keen interest in sports, movies and all things politics, but who doesn’t these days.  After studying Media and Business at Liverpool Hope University Matt has worked in education while writing for Bleeding Cool, The Edinburgh Reporter, The Reviews Hub and his own BASN.  

Matt has produced a podcast and website that focuses on British American Sports which has led to him working with the NFL.  In this year’s SURGE Magazine, Matt hopes to bring a sharp but fun tone covering all the topics he loves while helping you to view things from a new perspective.